System Professional Launch


System Professional Launch

Seamless Brand Launch


After a number of years working in close partnership with Wella we were given the opportunity to be there partner for the re-launch of the system professional brand. This was an exciting opportunity for our company as it allowed us to work on a prestige brand in store and really represent their brand in salon. The main aim of the project was to visit hundreds of salons throughout the UK and deliver an entire new ‘System Professional’ experience to salons. This involved a significant amount of time planning, training and visiting salons.

The Project

The project involved a huge number of salons with varying ‘deals’ which had to be listed within a key time frame to coincide with their training. This made the planning process a particularly challenging one with any number of areas in the UK having training at the same time. This meant that we ran a large number of teams throughout the UK and throughout the project to ensure that each and every salon received all relevant material at the right time and in the right way. Time in store was spent setting up the new stand with the correct product layout and placing all relevant POS dependent on the ‘deal’ type the salon had. This often required over an hour in store placing graphic holders, window posters and other pieces to make each and every salon feel as if it was a System Professional salon.

Final Article

While the project is still active the main thrust of salons has now been completed. The project was and continues to be a complete success with salons being extremely impressed with both the service provided by our installation teams and the new System Professional product. All salons have received the correct parts and have received a premium service to truly make them feel part of the System Professional brand.