Mini-Spinner Unit

Spinner Unit

Mini-Spinner Unit

To Create a Cost-Effective Spinner

The Brief

On short notice DLManufacturing were approached to produce a low cost high end mini spinner unit. This unit was to showcase a new product launch in an array of markets. Not only was this an opportunity to highlight our ability to quickly respond to market demands; but also demonstrate the capabilities of our new Laser Cutter. The brief was a fairly simple one, create a cost-effective spinner that helps to showcase select products in store. This spinner was to be created from acrylic, a lazy Susan and ‘bumpon feet’ ensure that the unit could not easily slide across surfaces.

The Project

However, while the brief was fairly simple the project, as always, was not as easy as it seemed. Firstly, we needed to make sure that the spinner was as cost effective as possible for the customer. We also needed to achieve maximum impact for the smallest cost possible. We were also given a very short deadline to work within which meant that from the very beginning we were up against the clock. During prototyping we went through a number of options to ensure that the spinner was as robust and appealing as possible. To achieve this, we made sure that as much as possible the focus was completely on the product. Doing our very best to reduce the visual impact of the spinner and use this to enhance the product that it was holding.

We also needed to make sure that the spinner would be as stable as possible when in store. In order to accomplish this, we used the off cuts from the spinner material to create stabilising feet. These feet allowed us to raise the spinner slightly and apply bumpons in the most effective way to reduce movement. by using the offcuts, we were able to reduce the amount of material needed and both reduce the cost and make sure we weren’t wastefully ordering material.

Final Article

The final article was a complete success, delivering the spinner on time and on budget. This project also gave us the opportunity to show case our new capabilities. Allowing our customer to see how quickly and efficiently we could respond to their needs. The laser cutter was a vital tool in this, allowing us to quickly respond to prototyping and production needs.