Production and installation of Sainsbury’s retail for Max Factor

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Production and installation of Sainsbury’s retail for Max Factor

Showcasing our Ability to take you project form the Drawing Board all the way to store

The Brief

This project gave us a perfect opportunity to fully showcase our complete manufacturing capabilities. The main brief was fairly simple, produce a new unit to replace the existing furniture for Max Factor in all Sainsbury’s stores. Starting off as a fairly simple brief to produce a wooden carcass to house the product, it quickly evolved into a much more detailed and complex project. This evolution of the project required us to focus far more on the production of vac forms, bespoke extrusion and a significant lighting element.

Not only were we briefed on the manufacturing of these units but we were also asked to plan for the installation phase. Making sure that all Sainsbury’s stores were visited and completed in a four-week period.

The Project

After receiving the maximum dimensions from our customers we began the process of designing and developing the stand. This began with the creation of drawings, the prototype and production of Vac Form tools and most importantly the development of the bespoke extrusion. The extrusion was particularly vital to this project as it was the key element in making sure that the lighting was perfect throughout. To ensure that the lighting was distributed though both the front lens and onto the product from above and below required a number of drawings and eventual prototyping. It was also imperative that we were mindful throughout of creating the simplest form of extrusion to get the clearest pull of material possible. Once this was perfected we were able to give more focus to other areas of the project and move along at a fairly quick pace to deliver the stand to store as quickly and cost effectively as possible. After finishing the prototyping and having the unit signed off by all relevant parties manufacturing could begin in earnest. After significant planning we began production and met all deadlines set for installation in all required Sainsbury’s stores.

Before production had been completed our transport team had already started planning the installation to make sure that this phase would go as smoothly as possible. This phase involved making sure that all routes were as economically and logistically sound as possible. It also involved briefing all installation teams to make sure that they were completely confident on the processes involved and would be as quick and least disruptive as possible while in store. It was also vital to make sure as always that our installations knew they as well as representing our own brand they were also representing the Max Factor name. After making this clear we were confident on executing a perfect installation program which we did achieve.

Final article

After the completion of all production and installation it was clear that the project had been a great success. Not only did the stands look great in store but the project had also been an important learning step in our growth as our company. After completing this project, we have grown in both confidence and stature in the POS manufacturing sector. We are constantly applying the lessons from this project and many others to continue delivering great results for our customers.



Project vitals…


In this project we provide the following:

  • Instillation
  • Movement, Transport
  • Maintenance of prestige stands