Bespoke display units


Bespoke display units

... For a variety of different Hair salons around the UK.

The Brief

For this project we were asked by our client to visit a high end salon chain in the UK with the view to create a number of bespoke furniture pieces. The chain has a number of salons and wanted to create the same look across all of their stores. For this project it was extremely important that we understood the salon experience and recognised just how vital areas such as the backwash were to the in-salon sales team. To make sure that these areas were as effective as possible we were tasked with the job of creating a subtle yet impactful wall unit to help display the product and draw the eye with back lit graphics.

The Project

The make sure that we fully understood the brief it was vital we visited the salons. The salon visit was incredibly important as it allowed us to see the decor of the salons and make sure that we could compliment any fixtures already in place. These visits also allow us to take all necessary measurements and plan the installation processes, making sure that our units will fit through all doors and have the least impact on the salon possible.

Following this visit we met with our team and liaised with the customer to make sure that our ideas were consistent with their requirements. After we had settled on a design the next stage was to draw them up and then present final technical and CAD drawings to our customers. Both were received with great enthusiasm and the next stage was production followed by installation, with both the salon and our customer very keen to get them in a soon as possible. To make sure that the units were as impactful as possible we decided to use a gloss white laminate unit, accompanied by lighting and back lit graphics. The products would be held and show cased on lit glass shelving to provide both a minimalist yet premium feel. After a number of weeks in our workshop the units were ready for installation, making sure that they carefully packed up and ready for the journey with our installation team.

When back on site our installation team quickly and efficiently installed the units after hours to make sure that the interruption to the salon was as small as possible. While the installation threw up a few problems these were all overcome by our experienced team to leave the salon looking as great as possible.

Final Article

The final article of this project was extremely pleasing. Leaving the salons with beautiful bespoke furniture which subtly and elegantly complimented the salons decor and more importantly the product.

In each unit, we aim to provide the following objectives.

-To ensure the point of sale unit is designed, manufactured, assembled and installed to the highest possible standard.
-To ensure the unit is manufactured to a complete professional standard.
-To ensure complete customer satisfaction through out.