POS Display Design & Manufacturing


With over 20 years of experience in the Point of Sale industry we are able to apply our expertise to all aspects of any project. Over eight years ago we expanded from our installation-based company to incorporate manufacturing. Starting off by helping out with a late print order, we have expanded ever since and applied all of our learning from installation to the manufacturing side. Because of the success of this side of the business we decided to create a whole new company to focus solely on production and we haven’t looked back since.

Having built upon that initial order we are now able to take your idea from the drawing board all the way to complete manufacture, helping to guide you every step of the way and most importantly ensuring that very project stays on time and on budget.

We are able to help with the manufacture of permanent or semi-permanent fixtures for a wide range of customer needs and environments, including but not limited to:

Supermarkets, High-street stores, drug stores, department stores, hair salons and many more…


The most important part of any project is the beginning. Without a firm understanding of what you are trying to achieve it is almost certain to cost more and take longer than it needs to. To make sure that we don’t make this mistake we always start a new project with an internal meeting to bring everyone up to speed and share ideas about how we can achieve your goals.

It is essential that from the very off your, project receives the very best design possible. To help you achieve this we have the capability to produce any number of technical drawings, CAD drawings, and prototype pieces to make sure that you are 100% happy with the design before moving forward.



Often one of the most important parts of any project is prototyping. This phase allows us to test that things go together as they should and make sure any issues are quickly highlighted and rectified. It also allows you to see a working sample as quickly as possible. Prototyping requires all members of our team to work closely together to make sure that we incorporate all aspects of the project as early as possible. This means that on any one project, we might consult internally with our production managers to make sure that the unit is as simple to build as possible, and then consult with our transport managers to make sure that we won’t be causing them unnecessary hurdles from the very get go.

To make sure that any prototypes aren’t lost or damaged unnecessarily we have built a prototyping room which allows us to focus resource in the right place. This also means that we have a purpose-built area to meet, discuss and build all of our prototypes without disturbing or disrupting our production team.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a big part of Point of Sale. Making sure that all artwork is correct and all images are as perfect as they can be could be the difference between a consumer choosing your brand over another. It is also of vital importance to the business that all prices and literature are correct. To make sure that your artwork is perfect every time, it goes out we employ a number of art workers who have a wealth of experience in this area and comb each piece to make sure it goes out right every time.

Build Capabilities 

Our experience from the installation side of Point of Sale industry has taught us that even the best drawn plans can go awry in the manufacturing process. This means that during each and every stage of development, we make sure that the unit you want is achievable in both image and reality, keeping costs down and speeding-up the manufacturing process.

Over the past six years we have acquired a number of machines which have consistently and cost effectively expanded our capabilities and our appeal to our customers. We are constantly on the lookout for new pieces of equipment and techniques to further our ever expanding build capabilities. Whatever is involved in your project we are certain to be able to help!

To see a full list of our build capabilities please see our Workshop Page.